10+ Absolutely Disastrous Relationships That Shouldn’t Even Exist

Being crazy and obsessive is generally not that healthy, and when you do that during a relationships it makes you look even crazier. Sometimes you see a couple and just wonder how they found each other, how two insane people managed to stumble upon each other and decide that they would make a good match.

You kind of start feeling bad for one of them then you just conclude that they deserve each other and it’s better off this way because those two people could’ve gotten with two different people and ruined their lives completely, life always balances things out.

1. What kind of logic is this

2. Dude, 8 YEARS OLD, come on people

3. The Cheesiest Thing I Have Ever Seen

4. The Look On His Face Shows That She’s Holding Him Captive

5. Speaking Of Cousins, Those Probably Are Ones

6. Just Do It Already, You Don’t Have To Advertise It

7. This Is So METHed Up Man

8. He Wants a Big Family, Who Are We To Judge Him

9. The Real Definition Of Crazy

10. True Love, Why Can’t All Guys Be Like This

11. Worthless Piece Of Sh*t

12. This Is Why That Girl Was Jealous Of The Cousin Liking Her Bf’s Pic

13. Much Art, So Creativity

14. You Have Every Right To Do So

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