10+ funny Texts Exchanged Between Married Couples love ones can related with it

Love Can Be Very Weird.

Love can mean many different thing for every individual. However, marriage is the deepest expression of love (Unless yours was not a love marriage.) So people who are married have it different than most normal couples. At least the following married couples do. So if you are a weird couple, you will definitely relate to the following texts.

#1 They Are Always Making Things Clear For Their Partner.

#2 Having Serious Conversations About Finance Is Very Important For Them.

#3 They Can Sometimes Disagree.

#4 They Seem To Have A Lot Of Common Ground.

#5 Sometimes They Find Too Much Common Ground.

#6 They Can Sometimes Misunderstand Their Partner.

#7 They Can Always Understand Each Others Wit.

#9 They Apparently Have Everything They Need.

#10 They Truly Know Each Other.

#11 They Tend To Ask Important And Serious Questions.

#12 They Never Fight Only Express Their Feelings In A Respectable Manner.

#13 Keeping Their Significant Other Posted Is Very Important For Them.

#14 They Reach Their Resolutions.

#15 They Never Hide Anything For Each Other.

#16 The Don’t Care About The Rules As Much.

#17 They Know Everything About Their Partner.

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