10+ Genius Kids Who are definitely different from other kids

Kids. Some are smarter than others. But sometimes the kids that are considered the least smart are actually the smartest of all. Take a look at this list compiled by Humorserver to see what we mean. Are any of the answers you can see below correct? Technically, no. But these kids aren’t thinking technically. They’re thinking much deeper than that. They’re seeing THROUGH the question in order to get to the very heart of what’s being asked. And that takes brains. Which is why we think that all these kids deserve an A for Awesome. Or, at the very least, an E for Effort.


#1 Bob Has 36 Candy Bars

#2 Brilliant

#3 This Kid Is Going To Be Ok

#4 This Is Kid Is Much Smarter Than I Am

#5 My Friend’s 5 Year Old Son Had This For Homework Tonight, And He Changed The Answer To Something More Humane

#6 First Test Day Of The Semester And As Always, I Allow A 3×5 Notecard. Today, A Student Shows Up With This. Sure Enough, It Is 3×5… Feet. As Precise As I Am, Apparently I Never Specified Inches And Therefore Yes, It Was Allowed. Well Played And Lesson Learned For Me

#7 Taxonomy

#8 My Son, The Realist, Brought This Home With Some Of His Kindergarten Schoolwork

#9 Can’t Deny That

#10 This Is Why My Kid Is Going Places

#11 I Too Have A Daughter Going Places

#12 Apparently Even 7 Year Old Me Was A Smart Ass

#13 So Young. So Honest

#14 This Kid Is Going Places

#15 This Kid Is Going Places In Life!

#16 Giraffes Are Heartless Creatures

#17 My Friend’s Daughter Taking The Instructions Literally

#18 This Smart Kid

#19 Nice Try

#20 Little Girl Drew A Picture Of Her Mom At Work. The Mother Is Actually Selling A Snow Shovel At Home Depot

#21 This Kid’s A Genius

#22 This Honest Kid

#23 Hard Water

#24 My Little Brother Was Quite Ambitious In Preschool

#25 My Kid’s Teacher Is Apparently Okay With His Wild Answers On Spelling Tests

#26 This Smart Kid

#27 My Sister Taught Math To 4th Graders In China. Honest Mistake

#28 Albert Is Going Places

#29 Clever Kid

#30 A Kindergardeners Response To What She Wants To Be When She Grows Up



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