10+ Humorous Pictures Showing How Life Can Be Unfair To Some People

We hope you are still not living inside the bubble of a dream that life is fair when in reality it’s not. Yep, you’ll want things to be different and better but the fact remains the same, these tiny or big things that bother you won’t change a bit because that’s how life is. It’s not cute and cuddly all the time and there are situations that we face almost on an everyday basis that keep on reminding us that life is seriously just like that boss or teacher of yours who can be mean to you for no apparent reason. So go on and take a look at these 20 pictures which define “Life is unfair” precisely.

1. Situations like these can break one’s cool.

2. When you are already late for office & your car’s belt decides to do this.

3. This can be an omen.

4. The teachers seem overburdened these days.

5. He found no wafer in the KitKat, that’s a form of heartbreak as well.

6. The entire loaf is like this in a handle form. Where will the butter go?

7. The fork seems to be enjoying itself.

8. Even seen a window seat with no window? Here you go.

9. When confusions just keep on increasing in your life.

10. That’s life, just accept it. Yep, accept it.

11. When you finish your food & your bowl decides to swing.

12. Every time the straw gets inserted.

13. Follow the instructions & see the results.

14. When you want to connect but something just doesn’t fit right.

15. The pan wants to relax.

16. This guy has to struggle with this bedsheet status every day. Ouch!

17. Washing hands in winters can be a tricky task.

18. This school is serving the ketchup in an all-new way.

19. After all, it’s Kataline Wine Mixer!

20. We all have faced this terrible situation in our lives.x

21. When your keyboard is too stubborn to be anything but QWERTY.

22. A natural guide to making things frustrating 101.

23. That’s a replica of a heartbreak. Bits & pieces everywhere.

24. When people start showing you a completely different side of themselves out of nowhere.

25. People, who make such a mess, do they even shop?

26. People need to learn where to put things while traveling in a public transport.

27. In case you were looking for a fancy Wi-Fi name, this hostel has got it right.

28. No one wants a sub like that.

29. You know bad times have come when even your blueberry muffin lacks blueberry.

30. That’s officially the most bizarre food served ever.

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