10+ Pictures You’ll Only Understand If You Used The Internet Over 10 Years Ago

Think back to the days when the slow internet was your only choice, and you had to patiently wait for your turn if your mum had to call her friends… seems like a lifetime ago, right? It’s amazing how far technology has come in the past 10 years, and it only seems to be improving more and more, so soon people will have totally forgotten about those old days of fun on the computer.

Before Facebook and Itunes people used Bebo and Limewire, and the best way to instant chat with your friends wasn’t texting, it was through an AIM account or MSN.

If just those sentences made you feel nostalgic check out the photos below to relive more of the fantastic old days of the internet!

Having to stay off the phone just so that you could connect to the internet..

Taking that extra second of your life to type in ‘www’

Spending half of your life creating the best away message for you AIM or MSN account

Accidentally clicking one pop up and being swamped with this…

Getting banned from Club Penguin for inappropriate Language

Fun Fact: There was a time on the Club Penguin site where there was a glitch that registered ‘lettuce’ as a bad word.

Having this pop up EVERYWHERE

Searching for a song for hours on Lime wire; only to download trash.

And that trash always gave your family a virus…

Spending whole afternoons making your own website

Having a heart attack thanks to this video

OR this stupid maze game!

MSN’s annoying nudge feature not letting you spam your friends

Not being able to use the internet at night because of THIS

Ah yes, the sound of my people…

The horror that was Leetspeak

Going to a cyber cafe to game with your friends!

Losing all your stuff on GaiaOnline because you were always getting hacked

The nightmare that was Salad Fingers…

Begging your parents to stay up late just to play Dollzmania

Starving your Neopets because you could never remember to feed them

waiting a lifetime to download something, just to have someone disconnect the internet

Playing pinball, solitaire, hearts, or minesweeper when the internet wasn’t working

Searching for the perfect skin to go n your Bebo home page

Staying home sick from school just to play Runescape all day

Constantly organising your top 8 on MySpace to avoid drama

AND LASTLY: Crashing your entire computer because you wanted to open a second webpage…







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