10+ Times People Were Too Innocent For The Internet

In life (or on the internet), you’re always just a few steps (or clicks) away from something sinister. But some people are clueless to all the twisted and obscene things even after they pop up right in front of their eyes. Humorserver has collected some of the funniest examples of innocent minds really not getting what they’re looking at and it will make you feel rotten.

From a girl thinking nail marks on her BF’s back belong to a random attacker to someone mistaking a vagina costume with a slice of bacon, these guilt-free souls are about to realize reality is not all sunshine and rainbows. Some of these statements may have been crafted to look so damn innocent on purpose, while others seem genuine, but all of them highlight that the internet is not the right place for the rose-colored. Scroll down to check out these funny misunderstandings and feel free to upvote your favorites.

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