11 Hilarious Times When All You Could Say Was WTF!

Every day, all of us get in situations where we are bound to say WTF is going on. The number of times I say this is uncountable. And these situations are nothing but a mixed bag of everything. You feel hilarious but also cry at the very same time. That’s how life works. It puts us in situations as such where we can’t really help. I can vouch for it and I guess, all of you will as well. Life is complicated and so are we. We don’t really know what might go south and have no option to stay prepared. So when these things happen, all we end up saying is WTF.

Here are 11 hilarious times when everything wasn’t normal!

1. How many times have you seen a grandma react like that?

2. This is hilarious and painful at the same time. Who came up with this label?

3. Please, someone, tell me that this puppy is not a member of the Illuminati.

4. And how many times do you think you are stupid exactly?

5. I am never again using such chairs. Just by looking at them, I am getting anxiety.

6. This must have been hilarious for the photographer. And painful for this guy.

7. Look out, you idiot. That thing is coming right towards you.

8. Wait, what? This is why you should not always rely on technology.

9. Seems like this is not the first time and she has kept the gun like that for a number of times.

10. When in need, you end up becoming an innovator; a hilarious one.

11. What exactly does this person want? To die with a high dose of caffeine?

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