12 Teachers Who Are Way Cooler Than Their Students

Teachers are the most important part of our schooling. They play a vital role in the development of their students. It’s said that we are nothing without our teachers and it’s true. All you want is some awesome teachers to make your mundane and boring day at school into an awesome one. But if you go back to your childhood days and try to recollect the school memories, there will be at least one teacher who used to be your favorite and cooler than even the kids.

So here we have got some awesome teachers who are way cooler than their students and deserve a noble prize!

1. That’s some amazing piece of artwork.

2. This teacher got some real talent!

3. He is the coolest one. He knows how to make students listen to him.

4. When the school changed the first lesson time from 9 am to 7 am, these teachers found a way to do the pajama protest. 

5. Well, here’s some actual history classes going on.

6. This teacher was not allowed to give a lecture on how to use condoms to teenagers so he demonstrated how to put on a sock.

7. They know it all. Who see down and smile for no reason at all?!

8. Don’t see the time. It’s passing but what about you?

9. This teacher promised the students that if they all pass with good grades he would dress up like scooby doo and come to the class.

10. Who needs a scale when you can use a chair?!

11. This is the new homework policy!

12. Meet the super hot chemistry teacher of this school.

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