15 Amusing Posts On Tumblr That Are Truly Tumblr Classics

We live in the world where the internet is almost everything. And it indeed has everything one wants. The world is just a click away, that’s how convenient the internet has made everything for us. Now, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that most of the people here use the social media sites. These sites consume the maximum time of what we spend on the internet. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr are some of the famous ones. Every such site has its own share of posts and users. To be frank, Tumblr is my absolute favorite. The kind of posts we get here is nothing we ever get to see anywhere else.

Here are 15 posts from Tumblr that you won’t find anywhere else-

1. Only Tumblr can have such kind of disastrous posts.

2. Why do people even put such things on Tumblr? Not everyone can handle it.

3. Oh, well! Let’s just leave this one here and move to the next.

4. That pain of losing Siri is real. Such posts on Tumblr can make anyone cry.

5. This guard should have been alive during the crucifixion. Also, I love this one.

6. Everyone, comment your Werewolf name.

7. Am I the only one who finds people on Tumblr really weird?

8. Everybody loves Sesame Street. It deserves every person’s attention.

9. Where was this information all my life? I could have used it on so many occasions.

10. The fight between the vegetarian and the nonvegetarian is never going to get over.

11. Um! I seriously want to know just one thing and that’s important. Why is this here?

12. Did this thread end right over here? I am so glad.

13. Well, Nicolas Cage in place of the resume. Hope that helped.

14. Exactly, how could you be so cruel? Why would anyone want to cancel free pizza?


15. You lost me in the last few words. Seriously, I am not kidding.

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