15 Christmas Decorations At The Hospitals Proves Medical Professionals Are Funny Too!

If we are honest we can never think about Christmas, holidays or celebrations when talking about hospitals. All we can think is how uncomfortable it makes us. The uncomfy benches, dull interior, the permanent reminder of illness and those bright fluorescent lights don’t really make us feel like celebrating or enjoying. But to change that we have found some amazing and brilliant Christmas decorations in hospitals that are bound to change all of that.

These medical professionals have used their creativity to inject a little Christmas cheer into their patients through their Christmas decorations. And how? Just by using pieces of equipment they commonly use at work, these medical professionals have managed to create some epic Christmas decorations to cheer up their patients and themselves of course. These are sure to be the most sterile decorations you’ll ever see, but you’ve got to applaud their ingenuity to use what items they can in their environment.

1. The wreath of bottles used for urine samples.

2. The Christmas tree made of rubble gloves.

3. Prescription Bottle Fairy Lights.

4. The Heartbeat Tinsel for Christmas.

5. Bloody Stockings.

6. Wrap It Up Warm For Winter!

7. Rudy the Reindeer! Christmas decorations aren’t complete without it.

8. A 2D Christmas tree made of gloves.

9. A Dental Hygenist’s Christmas

10. Wreath made of medical pieces of equipment.

11. Christmas Creativity At Its Finest

12. Decoration that has DNA made on it.

13. Now how can you celebrate Christmas without him?

14. Give Someone The Gift Of Clean Genitals

15. Urinal Wreath. Where did they get these ideas from?

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