15 Funny Posts On Tumblr That Will Help You Get Over Your Dull Mood

I wouldn’t believe if you say that you don’t tumble around Tumblr for some great posts that would lift up your dull mood. It has some posts that may be touching or funny but we still visit it no matter what. At times, a good laugh is all we want and no one else can give you that except Tumblr. It has something or the other to say about anything that possibly there on this planet.

Here we have gathered some of the funny Tumblr posts that’s going to help you get over your depression!

1. Get the point what she’s saying

2. Is it so?

3. Let’s have two minutes silence for this naive boy.

4. Just don’t ask me what? You’ll get if you are smart enough.

5. I feel pity for the little pup.

6. Not really.

7. That’s not what the question meant.

8. I didn’t really get this one.

9. I am so done with it. Like what the heck is this?

10. Count me in!

11. That the best way to explain to them what it is!

12. He was really stupid.

13. How can it not follow you?

14. These can really make you laugh hard.


15. How does it matter if it’s ‘gogh’ or ‘goff’?


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