16 Dads Who Took The Parenting Game To a Whole New Level

ypically, moms are very efficient at doing pretty much everything, while dads always find alternative ways that help them cheat while doing chores. Taking care of kids is definitely not an easy task, and in order to make sure that it doesn’t turn into an absolute disaster you need to constantly keep things under control and that requires your full undivided attention, which some dads are very bad at because they usually would rather do something else, and that’s why they found some really fun lifehacks that are not that efficient but at least they allow them to have more free time.

1. It seems like she’s really enjoying it

2. Come on dad

3. These are the drafts for the tattoos he’ll be getting later

4. He ate so much chocolate that he lost grip on reality

5. At least she looks happy

6. Kanye West will steal your design and sell it for thousands of dollars

7. He already knows he’s in big trouble

8. Concrete always wins

9. Your wish has been granted princess

10. He’s holding it hostage

11. Custom dad-made child seat

12. The last air bender

13. That is one angry looking child

14. Even kids look creepy with a mustache

15. Bubble beards!


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