17 Reasons Why A Tumblr User Should Never Have Kids

What’s the worst thing you’ve done as a parent to your kids? Well, being a parent is not an easy task. Don’t get me wrong, but there are a lot of reasons why a Tumblr user can do mean things to their kids! And sometimes this shit really hurts you, maybe they didn’t mean it but they sure as hell sounded mean AF! Though being a parent is probably the best feeling in the world, but you just can’t deny how nerve wrecking it can become sometimes and when it comes to a Tumblr user I feel pity for their kids due to various reasons. And why on earth would anyone go through the frustration of parenting when you can just have dogs instead?

If you don’t believe me here are some reasons why a Tumblr user should never become parents!

1. That is really an evil thing to do to your kids


2. That’s what it is for!


3. Maybe I am going to be a parent like this


4. Whoa! That’s totally absurd


5. Wanna see what I made?


6. Shakira Shakira


7. Why would anyone do that?


8. Why can I relate to almost all the posts?!


9. Babies don’t drink


10. Like you have kids now and you still don’t know your parents’ name!


11. This is the reason why a Tumblr user should never ever have kids


12. You really need to learn how to bond and raise your kid


13. I know I should not laugh at this but it’s really funny


14. A good way to shut them up


15. Never do that. Or maybe you should not have them?


16. Who does that as a parent? Reasons, why you should not, have a kid


17. Yes, where else are you going to leave them?


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