17 Times When Uncles Were Totally Hilarious And The Perfect Member Of The Family

Every family has its own share of characters. The grumpy one, the intelligent one, the ever sad or ever happy one, the comic, the know-it-all and what not. And the cluster of these people makes a perfect and happy family. Now, we all know uncles who actually fit all the above-said characters and more. They are the ones who keep the spark alive, the whole party depends on them. And why not, almost every uncle is a unique character on its own. I can literally think of a dozen of my own relatives who are such awesome people. The perfect member award can always be given to an uncle, undoubtedly.

Here are 17 times when uncles became the perfect member of the family!

1. That expression on the kids’ faces doesn’t say so.

2. One of those kinds of uncles who doesn’t care about anything. Indeed the perfect member of the family.

3. This kid when grown up will understand why he had the one the best uncles in the family.

4. Whoa! Perfect member award goes to this kid’s uncle for sure.

5. The idea though dangerous is clever. I can totally imagine the family members freaking out.

6. That twist in the end totally made my day. Such uncles are always awesome.

7. You know you are the perfect member when you love yourself to this extent.

8. Let’s forget everything else and concentrate on how cool is this.


9. This one proves why uncles in the family are the best.

10. I can imagine the kid having awesome bedtime stories. Perfect member does exist.


11. Why are these uncles weird and awesome at the same time?

12. Now, that’s a family who would be no less than a sitcom.

13. A Darth Vader inspired Christmas tree? Every family should have one.

14. The cat uncle, someone you don’t get to see every day. He is the perfect member.

15. Anabel is blessed and the little one needs some explanation.

16. That’s the kind of crib I am going to have someday.

17. Uncle Success- I convinced my nephews today that this is where clouds come from!

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