20 Creepy Facts That Are So Scary It Will Give You Sleepless Nights For Days

This world is full of things which can’t really be explained or understood. And even if there is a scientific explanation for it, it’s not really digestible. We don’t even know 10% of the things out there and that’s really weird. Some creepy facts are so dark that you might even lose the will to sleep or eat. Yes, I am not kidding. The internet is full of such knowledge, the kind you would want to unread after knowing. And we generally fear things we don’t understand which is fair. For example, do you know there is an actual explanation for the falling sensation you get while sleeping? Or do you know people after dying have metabolic processes going inside their body for some time?

Here are 20 creepy facts that are going to make you spend sleepless nights-

1. Creepy facts just got creepier. Try not to imagine this.

2. Or maybe that’s just my spider sense, you know.

3. This world is full of devils, this one of the many creepy facts prove it.

4. Okay, now this is something I literally want to erase from my memory.

5. Who said we don’t have superpowers?

6. WTF, how can someone even choke on a pen? Definitely, one of those creepy facts which can scare you.

7. Um! Is it because they don’t things made for left-handed people?

8. Dr Seuss should is one of those guys who shouldn’t have existed.

9. And that’s why I am never going to take my dog for a walk near a lake.

10. I don’t really know why people even find these creepy facts.

11. The irony here is the strongest in my opinion.

12. One of those creepy facts I really want to unsee and unread.

13. You sure you are talking about butterflies and not bats?

14. I guess this one thing everyone should know.

15. I am glad it said used and not use, that would have been creepier.

16. Now, this is one thing worth checking, to be honest.

17. Wait, what? I mean why? I am literally running out of words now.

18. I don’t mean to sound creepy but this would make one perfect movie plot.

19. You never know what might end up killing you.

20. Of course, it is, tickling does hurt.

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