20 Pictures Of Adults Skills Making Kids Coloring Books Terrifyingly Hilarious

Coloring books are a soothing, quiet-time activity originally designed for children. They help keep your offspring occupied on car trips, during meals at a restaurant, or when they’re stuck inside on a rainy day, and let’s admit it every loves to color along with kids when they ask you to. That’s probably why in recent years adult coloring books have become a common thing, they’re said to help soothe an overworked mind, or help ease anxiety. Great!

However, there are always those people out there who love to take things to the next level, and below are perfect examples of why adult minds should stay far, far away from the innocence trapped within a children’s coloring book. Actually, the drawings these people created are amazing, and prove that creativity comes in all shapes and sizes! Just, don’t show them to your kids…

1. Tonight i’m praying for Danny DeVito

2. As cute as this is, you can’t help but hate her…

3. Oh… Oh no…



Remeber kids; It’s okay as long as both parties consent.

6. I never knew one of Barbie’s many careers was a phsycopath…


7. This one took some real talent

8. At least the pigeon looks impressed

Creative freedom at its finest!

9. I don’t know your name but excuse me miss..

She’s making me want to say Yo…

10. GoGo Gadget pocket rocket?

11. Even Disney had its Emo phase

See Finding Emo on the big screen in 2020.

12. oH, GIrL NO

13. Prepare the hear the song of my people…


14. All of the yes!

15. Pretty woman, walking down the street.

Pretty woman, the kind that likes your meat…

16. M is for…

17. This ones more subtle

But those adult themes never fail to shine on through!

18. I’m not sure I can support the cooking of tiny birds

Sweet shades though…

19. Must be a rare species

20. oh. OH.

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