22 Horrific And Petrifying Things Found In The Basement Of People

Basements are the shadiest room in a house as per Hollywood Movies. You might have noticed, it’s always dark, cold and creepy. Why don’t they just renovate it, paint it white, install some sick home theatres and make it a lounge for relaxing, right? But that is not the same for everyone who owns a basement.

There are some folks who just like to make all the stereotypes of Basement stories become more believable and true with either a mummified remains or a horrendous pet or some voodoo evil pieces.

Here are some pictures of people who found the most spine-chilling things in their basement.

1. The Satanist worshipper.

Imgur user booshy992 found the remnant of a devil worshipper in his new basement with a message “within me the devil burns”, a summoning circle and an evil eye.

2. Secret compartment.

In Julong Gardens, Beijing. A couple became suspicious when they started seeing strangers coming out of nowhere on their property. After doing a research they discovered a maze of hidden rooms behind a door in the basement of one of the towers.

3. Church of 1700.

Diane and Pat Farla discovered a small extended room in one of the walls of their Victorian building, which is believed to be a clandestine Catholic Church in a time when Catholics were persecuted and executed.

4. Mummified Remains.

A woman found the remains of two mummified remains in a trunk at her basement with the name Janet M. Barrie carved on it.

5. Underground Tank.

A man from Germany was preserving a WWII 1943 Panzer tank in his basement which was later taken away.

6. Ouija Board.

A 100-year-old Ouija board was found buried upside down in the basement by a worker.

7. Snakes.

A couple from Rexburg, Ohio found baby snakes crawling in their property often which led them to research on their house after hearing weird noises, turns out there was an infestation of snakes in the basement.

8. The pet Alligator.

A 6 foot, 200-pound alligator was found in the basement of a house in Chicago, the owner was domesticating it as a pet secretly.

9. Live Torpedo.

A live Torpedo was found in the basement of a woman named Linda DeForest of Goshen, Indiana.

10. Skeletons.

A woman from Wisconsin found skeletal remains of bodies in her basement when she dug up for renovations, it was later found that the area was a burial site long ago.

11. The Mystery room.

Workers renovating a house in Ontario found a basement with a thick door which was only possible to lock from the outside, meaning it was meant to hold captive a person.

12. Anatomy Lessons.

Remains of over 1200 humans plus animals were found in a house dated back to the time when Benjamin Franklin used to live in it, sources are he let his friend William Hewson used the basement for secret anatomy classes since it was illegal during the time.

13. Nasa’s belongings.

When worker cleansed the basement of a deceased IBM engineer they found 325 magnetic data tapes and two NASA computers.

14. Preserved Kitchen.

A couple in the UK discovered a whole kitchen with sets of utensils neatly preserved with a cookbook with Victorian recipes in their basement.

15. Underground Tombstone.

A Bridgewater State student found a tombstone of a War veteran who died in 1879 in his basement.

16. Shark Tank.

7 live sharks were found in an underground pool of a man living 90 mins north of NYC.

17. Bunker with ammo.

A house was sold to a man with the belongings of the previous owner which led to the discovery of a hidden bunker in the basement with guns and ammo behind a thin plywood.

18. Dollhouse.

In Phoenix, there is a Restaurant and Bar that has a collection of dolls seated in the basement paying homage to The Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”. 

19. Baby Fetus.

During renovations of an old building in Hannibal, MO. Workers found two fetuses preserved in a jar of formaldehyde in the basement.

20. Creepy Old man.

A man named Joseph Fritzl held his daughter captive in the cellar and was imprisoned for it, after investigating the police found a creepy hidden compartment in his basement.

21. The secret invader.

Ohio State University students were surprised to see a hidden locker in the basement to find an unknown person, Jeremy living in it secretly.

22. The Well.

A man discovered an 8-foot-deep by 4-foot-wide cement well in the basement of his new house filled with water. He filled the well with stones and left the house for sale.

(h/t: Factinate)

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