23 Darkly Humorous Comics That I Started Drawing 8 Months Ago To Escape Monotonous Routine

Hey everyone! I’m Alper and I’m making webcomics titled ‘Laqué Comics!’

I’ve always loved comics, and I’ve always tried to draw comics as an amateur. Comics have always been by my side and they have always helped me to escape from the monotonous routine of the daily tasks. After graduating from school I felt like I had to do something about comics and I started to draw Laqué comics 8 months ago. The name, Laqué, is originating from my nickname in my childhood, but I have to admit that I am very bad at naming stuff.

My comics are usually 4-panel and it can be about anything. The subject of the comics varies in a broad range from daily tasks to silly ideas, or from imaginary characters to struggles of work life. The only criteria that I take into consideration while drawing is that the comic makes me laugh first.

I’m very bad at writing and describing myself. So, here are some of the comics that I drew recently. Have fun!

More info: laqeucomics.com | Instagram | Facebook

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