5 Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects

Everything has a reason! and the same condition implies to object too.Its color size ,name and other details are always there for a particular reason.So get ready to be surprised, here we are having 5 objects you even don’t know.

1. Bobble on the hat

I bet you that you don’t know for what purpose the bobble is for.In 18th century the first bobble was appeared.French marines wore bubble those days because the roof of ship cabins are less in height.So bobbles are used for saving the sailors head from ceiling fan.And later it was used by military ,its shape and colour could tell you which branch of the military a solider belonged to.

2.Hole in the Stick

If You are thinking that hole in the stick of lolipop is used for preventing suffocation or can be used as a whistle after finishing the lolipop,then you are wrong.Actually the purpose of the hole is to prevent the candy from falling.During the manufacturing process of candy,when the stick is sunk in the liquid candy, the liquid fills the hole first and once the candy cools down, it fixes the whole candy, making it hard and firm.

3.Crease of Trousers

Why do trousers have crease?Well the use of crease started in 19th century.Pants that were made in European factories were then sent to other countries.In order to import huge quantity of pants as much as ship can store,it was folded.And due to long travel trousers have severe creases.It was almost impossible to get the rid of creases.So at last people accepted this fact and accepted it as a fashion.


4.Lines on Tube

There’s a thinking that grey line is organic component and black line is for chemicals in the toothpaste-This is total nonsense.These are simply eye marks used as a indicator that can be read by light sensors and typically identify where the packing of tube is to be cut.

5. Square on backpack

You mostly show this and said wow what a great design it is.But have you ever wondered what that design is really ?In reality it is used for camping,as we can thread ropes through the tab or even tie up shoes for giving rest to your arms.You can hang something cool for decoration too.

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