Amazing Uber Driver Live-Tweets Crazy Night With Girl Who Got Ghosted By Guy

Uber drivers do anything to get that prestigious five-star rating.

They go above and beyond, offering chargers, snacks, and everything you can imagine, just to make your life easier. Even though all they’re supposed to provide is transport, take you from spot A to spot B.

This Uber driver actually did way more than just provide some snacks and a charge. A girl came over from Texas to see a guy, and he ghosted her. And girls have to stick together during times like these, and that’s exactly what they did. Read their story yourself.

Source: @Vickto_Willy

It started like this.

They offered, but she declined.

So Leah and Vickto_Willy got close fast.

They also figured out his name.

And with how viral this tweet is going, odds are, he’ll get what’s coming to him.


In the end, they stuck together through the hell that was Aaron King.

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