Artist Draws Spot On Death Inspired Comics To Cope With Their Depression

The human history is filled with artistic impressions of depression and death. Artists have tried to depict it through comics and at sometimes, to make peace with these dark sides of life.

Haenuli, a professional fashion designer, and a talented artist have contributed her artistic inspiration about the death itself in her comics. She was inspired by the angel of death when she visited the Paris Orsay museum.

Sometimes we feel like life is this endless struggle, With death being the only solace. Things can be hard, existence can be hard, that’s the most certain part of being alive. People have always tried to seek the meaning and fight the darkness of these realities.

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1. He knows how you feel and what you go through.

2. He’ll be a loyal

3. There is nothing to Hide

4. It’s time for some relaxation

5. Adore your love – Comics

6. Pampering and Consoling While In Depression

7. Halloween Costumes

8. Embrace It

9.You will be able to see the beauty with your eyes closed.

10. Irony!

11. Dead looks beautiful in that adorable dress!

12. Death is innocent than most of the living creatures

13. Mutual Care

14. Crowned by A Dead King

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