Artist Used Paper Clips To Illustrate Mental Illnesses And Disorders And It’ll Give You Goosebumps

We always think that people going through mental illnesses and disorders are different from the rest of us. And definitely true! People suffering from mental illnesses and disorders have to go through things we can never imagine. They feel like giving up every day they wake up but they survive with it and get through it. There’s nothing funny about them and you should treat the people going through it with love and care. They are already going through a lot and fighting their battles. So this artist tried us explaining different mental illnesses and disorders in the simplest form by using paper clips and you are totally going to feel it. You’ll love the way he portrays the mental illness some people go through.

“This is my version of the more popular ( ; ) mark. Paper clips are a very simple innovation. It is just a twisted metal but it can keep things together (not permanently though, but still). I even had paper clips tattoo to remind myself every day that “I should keep things together”. For me, it symbolizes life more because it has a starting point and an endpoint. There is also the direction of movement that can depict how people live their lives. Can be from outside going in, or being in touch with what is inside and slowly discovering the world outside.

In this series, I would like to visualize the most common mental illnesses and disorders a lot of people, especially the youth, are facing right now. Through these minimalist illustrations, I hope to promote awareness and understanding of the alarming problem.”

1. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

2. Substance Abuse

3. Eating Disorder

4. Depression – Mental Illnesses

5. Dissociative Identity Disorder

6. Bipolar Disorder

7. Anxiety through Paper Clips

8. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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