After The Bank Denied This Girl’s Card With Terry Crews Face On It She Tweeted Him And Here’s How He Responded!

Cards have become an absolute necessity these days. Both debit and credit are something that you’ll find with almost everyone and why not, after all, it reduces the risk of carrying cash with us all the time. But the worst part is that we have developed a habit of swiping it for each and everything we see and get the urge to buy. And what happens at the end of the month? Well, we all go through this horrifying story every month. But the question is how to stop doing it and keeping the promise we do to ourselves at the end of every month of not spending on things we don’t need and start saving? But this girl had already found a way to do it. Aren’t we familiar with the famous expression of Terry Crews? Yeah, she used it on her bank card, smart move I say, but the bank didn’t think so!

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A Twitter user, Darrel Kennedy was thinking of some ways to spend less money so she came up with an amazing idea. Believe me, the idea was truly amazing and if you used it, you too would have been convinced to spend less.

She chose a brilliant picture to be on her debit card and decided to use the famous expression of former footballer and actor, Terry Crews.

But unfortunately, the bank denied her request and asked her to get the written permission of Terry himself to get the card approved.

So, she almost immediately sent out her plea to the footballer, asking him to approve it.

And guess what? He approved! Yep, Terry Crews had a brilliant message to go along with his approval.

She went to the bank and asked them to approve it now. And they both were waiting for the result.

The Bank had sent this case to the Headquarters, and finally, this was approved by them!

And looks like everybody seriously got hooked on this matter and tweeted saying a lot of things. Seriously the chain of events is definitely unbelievable.


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