Daughter Of Kurt Cobain Makes Disturbing Artworks And It’s Really Scary!

We all know the story of Kurt Cobain and what her daughter had gone through. And we can’t blame the daughter of Kurt Cobain for making such disturbing illustrations. We live in a world where all we care about is ourselves and a lot of the things are fake. When you look at the environment she grew in you will understand perfectly why her daughter makes disturbing artworks. And her artwork can both intrigue the viewer and scare them as well. Kurt Cobain and her husband never really had a good relationship and their daughter grew up in the midst of her father’s numerous conspiracy theories that even went as far as to say her mother was the perpetrator. And illustrations are the best way to express what you are going through and want to say. And these disturbing artworks are the best way for her to express her sadness. Space Witch artwork also comes in print on apparel and accessories. I am still not sure as to who would like to buy these.











More info: Frances Bean Cobain



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