Embarrassing Stories Of Men Getting Caught Staring At Women

Most guys can’t help but check out women, which is a very natural thing if done in a non-aggressive way, we translate our attraction to other people by staring which is the most logical thing to do. Some people choose to get offended by it and some take it as a compliment because you can interpret it in two ways, the first one is that the person is objectifying you, and the second one is that they liked what they saw so they couldn’t help but stare.

1. She’s teasing me now

2. Why did I even say that

3. She’s onto something

4. They snitched on me

5. I’m pretty sure she caught me

6. I’m just admiring your beauty

7. I felt really bad about it

8. Why you gotta be so rude

9. I went too deep

10. She totally got the wrong idea

11. I couldn’t help it

12. I just had to say hey

13. Dammit, he was able to spot it

14. Her parents definitely didn’t like it


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