Hikers Share The Creepiest Things That Happened With Them!

In most of the horror movies, we get to see the creepiest things that happen with hikers and the people camping but have you ever thought where do they get the ideas from? Of course, straight from the real-life incidents that happen with hikers. Well, if you have ever spent a night in the woods or went for hiking, you know how everything ‘goes bump in the night’ the second it’s dark. The wind and the trees play tricks on you, and things that would otherwise seem completely normal start freaking you out. The one thing most of the hikers on our list have in common is unlike their movie counterparts, they don’t stick around to risk being hacked to pieces by Jason and his buddies.

So here we have got some of the creepiest things that hikers have experienced and that will surely not let you sleep tonight!

1. Never really found what it was!

2. An interesting way to collect fossils.

3. That’s the creepiest things you can ever experience while hiking.

4. You can never really know what exactly it meant!

5. The town that refused to die!

6. It’s not shocking that you find such things while hiking.

7. You never know what could have happened.

8. Becuase no matter what a day will always protect his kids.

9. Such co-incidences doesn’t really happen.

10. That is seriously one of the creepiest things to experience.


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