Man Spends Thousands of Dollars to Resemble a ‘Real Life Elf’

Body modification is not a new thing in this day and age, what with the ‘tiger woman’, ‘lizard man’ and all the real-life ‘Barbies’ that spend thousands of dollars to look how they want. Celebrities change themselves all the time, lip fillers, tummy tucks, nose jobs, the possibilities are endless. It even happens with the casual people around us, wanting to change how they look just so they are happy when they look in the mirror. Luis Padron is no different, however, instead of wanting to become an animal or a doll, he wanted to become an elf.

That’s right. An elf like from ‘Lord of the Rings’. The ones that shoot arrows and are sometimes magic.

The one with blue hair is Luis as a child, so he’s obviously always had a flair to be different.

As Luis got older, he began to realize his differences were special, rather than something he should be ashamed of, and he started with a couple of peircings.

He wasn’t averse to using contacts either, making his eyes seem larger and darker. Continue reading to see what steps he took to go that little (or a lot) bit further and become a real-life elf!

He started off with bleaching his hair and acquiring blue contacts to get that ethereal look.

Then, the Buenos Aires native got a nose job, and he’s had his ears lengthened slightly.

He also gets his skin bleached and had most of his body hair removed to stick to the clean shaven, non-rustic look of the fantasy beings.

Overall, Luis has spent over $35,000 on modifying his body, and the reason behind it all is the fact that he considers himself ‘trans-species’.

Upkeep alone is $6,000 every single month, adding to the hefty sum of all his surgeries.

And he’s not even done yet! At 6’5″ tall, he still wants to get a surgery to lengthen his limbs! Whatever makes you feel most comfortable in your own skin, I suppose.

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