People Who Got What They Deserved On Social Media

When the social media sites first came in, it’s sole purpose was to connect everyone with everyone. But as the days are progressing, this purpose seems to be lost. These sites have more become a platform for people to flaunt. Almost everyone wants to show off or gain attention. And for this very same thing, people start lying. They post anything they feel like thinking everyone else out there is stupid and no one will get to know the truth. And then, when someone smarter and genuine calls them a liar, busts, and burns them with a savage reply, we say he/she totally deserved it. You can hide anything in real life but someone on these sites is always going to burst the bubble.

Here are people who got the deserved replies on social media!

1. This nice hair flirt totally deserved it on social media.

2. Rebecca wouldn’t have thought that someone smarter on Social Media would bust her.

3. Can anyone give the Outside Magazine people some ointment for this burn?

4. Well, he deserved to be taught this basic thing at least. Never try to be over smart.

5. The other guy seems to be pissed really bad. Why do people lie about such things on social media?

6. So, what’s the lesson here? To always do a thorough research before posting anything.

7. Oh, my goodness, that’s one of the most savage replies I have ever seen on social media.

8. How stupid can someone really get? This guy totally deserved all the praise for his six-pack abs.

9. So never ever try to demean book readers, you will what hit you hard.

10. People, if you are trying to flaunt, be a bit more legit. There are high chances of getting caught.

11. That last comment, damn, this guy must have never thought about that.

12. If your boyfriend said that, then all we all can say you deserved better.

13. A club may not be the best place to find love but it is the best place to find liars.

14. What all people do just to gain attention is beyond my understanding.

15. Why does everyone just go mad for Christmas?

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