People Shared FML Stories That’ll Make You Feel Lucky Enough

Are you having a rough day? You could not be successful in delivering that project in the office. Or your girlfriend/boyfriend dumped you? Well, I would like to tell you that you need to chin up right now. Because in this era of internet, people are taking things too far to be tolerated. Seeing such hilarious FML stories you will surely feel that your wtf moments don’t need your that amount of attention and you are lucky enough.

You know how world works or better to say how the internet works. Things could be worse and they are. Here are some creepy FML stories shared by people that will make you feel that you are having a very good day!

#1 Well, she is a mother after all but not everybody’s!

#2 Hmm, so don’t forget to mute or actually end the call before you leave one.

#3 So at the end, he is your relative now! That was so hilarious among FML Stories.

#4 When a culprit accidentally hurts you deep with an ironical statement.

#5 One should behave properly and give respect to others’ careers.

#6 Oh yes, you read it right! These kids you know…

#7 This is the reason I tell my best friend to never drink alcohol.

#8 When your Dad knows you better than anyone else.

#9 We as humans must accept the fact, accept our biological needs and what comes with it.

#10 When your choices are being rejected home, we hope that you don’t have to face something like this.

#11 She must have seen Ae Dil Hai Mushkil for more than once.

#12 When you feel you are not lucky and everything falls in wrong timing.


Source: The Chive


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