If You Could Photograph Your Dreams, It Would Look Something Like This Turkish Artist’s Images

Istanbul-based visual artist Hüseyin Şahin doesn’t just blend photos together; He blends reality and fantasy to create spectacularly surreal scenes.

Though his craft of layering multiple photos is practiced by many, his unique take on photo manipulation pushes the limits of human imagination, and results in landscapes that look like your wildest dreams – or your most intense nightmares, depending on how you would feel about crossing a wobbly bridge between two hot air balloons mid-flight.

1 Huseyin Sahin Art

2 Huseyin Sahin Art

3 Huseyin Sahin Art

4 Huseyin Sahin Art

5 Huseyin Sahin Art

6 Huseyin Sahin Art

7 Huseyin Sahin Art

8 Huseyin Sahin Art

9 Huseyin Sahin Art


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