Reactions Girls Had After Catching Guys Checking Them Out

Checking out girls is something most of us can’t help, and in a way, it’s just human nature, we’re attracted to each other so we evidently admire what we’re attracted to, some people take it as a compliment and some get offended because they consider it as the person objectifying them. Getting caught staring is always embarrassing because you never know how to play it off, so you either make eye contact and make things way more awkward or you can pretend that you weren’t checking that person out at all, either way, it’s definitely embarrassing.

1. That definitely killed his boner

2. I did a happy dance

3. He tried to play it off

4. Thanks for the wake up call

5. I just had to say it

6. Either way, I’m still single

7. Focus a little dude

9. I hid behind the bagel stand

10. It really hurts


11. He’s married though

12. I had mixed emotions about it

13. I don’t swing that way my dude

14. Not the best time to do that dude


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