Replacing Movie Weapons With Selfie Sticks Is Absolutely Hilarious

Who would’ve thought that replacing weapons with selfie sticks would be so funny and entertaining to watch, the simplest ideas are always the greatest. There’s a Tumblr blog dedicated to replacing weapons in famous movies with selfie sticks and it’s called Guns Replaced With Selfie Sticks. I personally think it’s ingenious. 

1. This guy is like, seriously?

2. Go hard or go home.

3. He looks disappointed at his phone.

4. When you look fresh af and you can’t help but take a selfie.

5. #Cold #NewCoat #HangingOut #HorseBackRiding #Blessed

6. We all have that friend that does silly faces when taking a selfie.

7. When something cool happens so you risk everything to take a selfie with it

8. When the lighting is so bad you have to improvise.


9. Cool iPhone case dude.

10. Accidentally took a selfie.

11. When you introduce your dad to selfie sticks.



12. You will never look as badass as this guy.

13. Taking selfies while waiting for the bus

14. That pink selfie stick though.

15. When you beat someone up then take a selfie with him.


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