Have You Seen The Paws Of Spiders? They’re Too Adorable And Will Cure Your Arachnophobia!

“Hey, there is a spider there or on you,” is probably is one of those lines which can scare anyone to death. It’s one of the creatures that almost everyone is afraid of. Arachnophobia is the term used for the fear of spiders. The way they crawl on the wall, weave their webs; everything about them is creepy. But well, some of us find these little ones cute too. Their tiny legs and cute paws make us adore them. We have always looked spiders either as terrifyingly scary or downright adorable. And this new evidence has come that proves that spiders have tiny paws and they are too adorable. This might have just completely eliminated the chance of spiders being looked at as intimidating at all.

Well, in scientific terms the paws of spiders are specifically called a tarsus. It makes up one of the 8 segments of the spider’s complicated leg. A spider’s paw differs from that of a cat or a dog in the fact that it doubles as a nose or even ears. It helps these little creatures recognize and identify subtle changes in the air with regards to sound scent.

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