Short Horror Stories That Will Terrify You In Just 2 Sentences!

Stories that are creepy gives you chills but here we have some horror stories that will definitely terrify you in just 2 sentences. We have all heard short horror stories that already gave us sleepless nights but then there are stories that took an unexpected turn. So Jacob Andrews, a New York-based artist, and illustrator took some of the most spine-tingling 2 sentences horror stories from a well-known website, Reddit and turned them into a short series of chilling comics. Texts from the afterlife, unwelcome intruders, and dug-up bones are a few of his theme for the comics. It’s amazing how these comics can terrify the readers in just a few frames.

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1. Imagine these horror stories are happening to you! It’s going to scare to till death, isn’t it?

2. Well, have you heard your door crack open in the middle of the night out of nowhere?

3. Because that’s not the deepest point. You can never know the actual depth of an ocean.

4. Because he was too good at digging up the bones I hid.

5. Wonder how can you be so lucky?



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