Texts That Ruined Relationships Beyond Repair. Be Glad You Weren’t On The Recieving End Of This Savagery.

People love to be in relationships for one reason; to be with the one they love. Yet they choose to end said relationship over a variety of reasons. Growing apart, cheating, etc but the most notorious relationship wrecker is texting. Texts ruined many relationships. So let’s take a look at some of those relationship ruining texts and be glad that it wasn’t us.

1. Umm, That’s The Whole Point Babe. 


That’s the bloody point.

2. Relationships Can Be Tough. 

Such texts can ruin relationships beyond repair.

3. To Be Honest. Both Of Them Are Idiots. 

You’re gonna be bankrupt paying child support now.

4. Texts Ruined Relationships That Were Predestined To Be Ruined. 


This text was awesome.

5. Savage And Ruthless. 

How do you come back from that?

6. Savage Texts That Ruined Relationships. 

I’m leaving you.

7. That’s One Way To Ruin A Potential Patch Up.


This was quite funny though.

8. I Didn’t Wanna Be Harsh On You. Also, I’m Being Harsh AF On You. 


He does seem like a heartless person.

9. Whoever Mark Is, He’s Fvcked. He’s Going To Be Fvcked Up So Bad. 

The girlfriends have formed an alliance.

10. This Text Ruined My Brain. 

Are you breaking up or giving your partner riddles to solve?

11. Oh, The Sass!

I love it! She’s probably crying inside but that comeback was great!

12. Sounds Like You Had Fun Cheating On Me. 

Have fun not keeping the house.

13. If She Dies, I’m Calling Natural Selection. 

Because she really shouldn’t be breeding.

14. This Is Heartbreaking. 

Poor guy.

15. I’m Gonna Go Out On A Limb And Say He’s Not. 

That girl’s got good manipulation game.


16. Texts Ruined His Relationship Beyond Repair. 

Wouldn’t it be hard to break up though?

17. *Click Clack*

Daddy’s on the prowl.

18. Relationships In Which You Probably Didn’t Want To Be In. 

This is airtight.

19. Once A Liar. Always A Liar. 

I don’t think k you’re getting any more therapy.

20. The Definition Of Selfish. 

What an a**hole.

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