Times When Internet Roasted Disney A Bit Too Much

Disney is undoubtedly one of the biggest movie companies in the world. It has a vast fan following among the masses that highly regard it as a company that never fails to impress their fans. We all used to love watching Disney movies and were crazy about them and probably still are. But what if our favorite Disney characters and movies get roasted. We obviously feel bad but can’t really stop laughing. From Rapunzel to Cinderella, we have had many scenes in the movies that were roasted and we had a good laugh at them. We are left making fun of that particular scene that glorifying the significance of how much dumb logic Disney used in their movies.

1. And all they say in Disney movies is these two words!

2. Let’s think bigger.

4. No! Don’t ruin that for me!

5. Goofy should have a dead wife

6. Totally relatable only if you get it!

7. But doesn’t that looks good?


8. I too had this thought once!

9. Its the day it’s all over for you!

10. True AF, roasted!


11. Like how?

12. Wtf! How can people just do this?


13. He was murdered!

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