WhatsApp ‘Text Status’ Is Back & Here’s How To Get It

The new version of Whatsapp is the most hated version ever.The ‘status story’ is probably the worst update.After 2 week of its introduction Whatsapp has finally offered an alternative of it by re-introducing test status.

Status Story

Yo! Text story is back!

The status story is there along with text story,now we can use both the text as well as status story.The status story is loved by small section of people.So it is kept in the latest beta option.

We needs to jump to settings to get the old styled text status.


The status story will work in same way as it worked till now.

You also have the reply option in the status story that will go into the personal chat screen of the user.

The text status layout is same , and we can enjoy both type of stories.

This update is currently available for beta users only.

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