If You’re a Sims Fan, You Will Totally Relate To These 16 Memes

The Sims is a wonderful game that allows you to exploit your creativity while enjoying yourself as well, it’s highly addictive but extremely odd. The Sims is meant to be a game that simulates real life by letting you control the character as you wish, but you might encounter a couple of odd phenomena while playing the game that will really challenge what you perceive as logical and confuse the hell out of you. It’s one of those games that you should definitely play at least once in your lifetime.

1. What is life?

2. Imagine being this badass


4. Scuuuuuseee mee, do not touch my baby please

5. So fit that her upper body vanished

6. I’m a thief, not a savage

7. Omg no! Someone call a firefighter!

8. Advanced parenting

9. I ain’t even mad

10. When you want to lose those calories you just ate instantly

11. Spooky

12. The Sims is so futuristic

13. A cannibal hot dog

14. Congratulations, you cooked yourself

15. The real you

16. It’s posessed

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